Escape from Hell! (ebook)

from Hal Duncan

A hitman, a hooker, a homosexual kid, and a hobo suicide make the ultimate prison break...escape from Hell itself!

When Seven, Belle, Matthew & Eli die, each finds themself in an all too personal hell: a Guantanamo for the damned; a labyrinthine hotel of endless clients; a hospital out to "cure" sexuality; or simply forgotten on the streets of a New York from your worst nightmares. As Matthew says, nobody deserves to be here. As the four lost souls put that conviction into action, thrown together in a desperate bid for freedom, their actions will change the face of the afterlife forever, as all Hell truly does break loose.

It's Escape from New York meets Jacob's Ladder. It's the bastard offspring of Neil Gaiman and John Carpenter. It's [engage trailer voice:] Escape... From... Hell!

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Hal Duncan Glasgow, UK

Hal Duncan is the author of VELLUM and INK, more recently TESTAMENT, and numerous short stories, poems, essays, even a few musicals. Homophobic hatemail once dubbed him "THE.... Sodomite Hal Duncan!!" (sic), and you can find him online at or at his Patreon for readings, revelling in that role. ... more

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